Lightweight update

Jack Corbett sent us a complete lightweight update. Here are his advices:


I took out the k-1 fighters because it seems the KO to sub ratio is a little off (k-1 guys with 17 striking beat grapplers with 20 ground game easily). I advise replacing the whole lightweight roster file with this one, as my ratings could be a little off and might not go well with the default ratings. The stats are my personal opinion and might be 100% correct, but tell me what you think anyway.

Thanks, Jack!

Download here:

UMS Fighters update!

Bero sent us a Fighters Update. Replace the folders in the installation directory with the ones in the update file.

Thanks, Bero!

Download here.

UMS Status

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long delay. UMS was a small project and along these few years it have become a bigger one thanks to you.  I’d never believed in the beginning the small success that this game was going to have between MMA fans and I’m very proud and very happy for it. So again, thanks for all the comments, all the downloads, all the suggestions, the bugs reports…

In these years the time I could destine to UMS was slowly decreasing. There are many causes: My job, the family, the fact that I was feeling somewhat compelled to do a new version every so often, the fact the people who was working in this game besides just downloading it (rosters updates, organizations, comments…) was decreasing and the fact that everybody seems like downloading this sim but no was one able to donate a few bucks for the hard work. Finally I became a little bit stressed out.

The big question now: How is the project right now and when will be another update? The project right now is halted. What does this mean? That I am not working in it at all. You may say this is dead, but it is not, because I will keep reading posts regarding UMS, admin this blog and so, but I am not fixing bugs or adding new features. This current situation is for an undetermined ammount of time. I am not going to lie to you: It’s likely that I never code a new line again for this sim, so I’m sorry if you were expecting a new version soon. The most probably scenario is that if I do something like an MMA sim again is me beginning with a shiny new project (a career mode game or a organization management game).

Thanks for everything.

Development status

I was planning to work this summer in the next UMS version and release it around august or september.  Due to other issues (real life issues) I couldn’t write any line code yet. There is nothing serious but a combination of things in my life that prevents me to spend the time this sim needs. Once everything goes back to normal I will work again in UMS 2.

Thanks for your understanding.

UMS 2.0.7 patch 2

A new patch fixing three problems with UMS 2:

The patch can be downloaded here. Just overwritte old exe with this one.

The setup file has been updated too so if you have downloaded the sim after the date of this post, your sim is updated to version

EDIT: Fixed patch link. It was linking to the full setup file.

How to add new names to the random fighter creator

You asked for this release for a way that allowed add new names and countries to the random fighter creator process. Here is a little tutorial of how to do it:

1. Open the Utils folder in the UMS install folder. Open the Names folder inside it.

2. You will see a few files inside. Open the file named Names_Codes.txt. You can create a backup of this file in case something goes wrong. Open it. You will see something like this:

Names_Codes.txt file format

The format of each line is the following:



English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada

3- For adding new countries to the current ones but with the same language (let’s say we want to add Ireland to the fighters creator) we just have to add it after the last one of the list we want to add:

English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada;Ireland

The sim will create names using the english name files and the fighter country will be United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Ireland.

4- For adding whole new file names you have to create a new line. Let’s say we want to add italian names. We have to add a new line to the file:


We must add two new files to the Names folder:

Italian_Names.txt and Italian_Surnames.txt

Inside of those folder, one in each line, you can add new names and surnames.

5- Be sure you don’t leave blank lines in the Names_Codes.txt file. Close all the files. The Fighter Editor will use your names in the random fighter generator process.

UMS 2.0.7 Fix Bug Patch

A couple of bugs has been spotted and fixed in this patch:

  1. Organizations Editor doesn’t save Chairman, President, Headquarters and Budget info.
  2. UMS doesn’t load fight list in the Organization Explorer > Events > Right Click over a event > View Fights.

Download it form here.

UMS 2.0.7 setup has been updated as well so if you have downloaded it after the date of this post your sim is updated.

Also, remember our poll.

What do you want for next UMS release?

Just wondering what the people want to see for the next UMS 2 release. Vote in the poll and/or comment this post with your wish list.

You can also drop a message in the forums.


UMS 2.0.7 released

UMS 2.0.7 is ready for download. A lot of changes and fixes.


[FIXED] Reported bugs.
[ADDED] Career status attribute for fighters.
[MODIFIED] Clinch attribute split in two (Clinch Strikinh and Clinch Grapplinh)
[MODIFIED] Strategies modifications that allows fighters to fight more like their real counterparts.
[MODIFIED] Injuries frequency lowered.
[FIXED] Records deleting bug when saving a fighter.
[ADDED] Records expoter to HTML, Excel and Plain Text.
[ADDED] Events exporter to Plain Text.
[MODIFIED] Increased compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
[MODIFIED] Strategies modification that make fights more competitives.
[FIXED] Event bug: Some fighters were having unwanted health boost. They are not now.
[FIXED] Event bug: Some fighters were having unwanted excitement boost. They are not now.
[ADDED] Organizations world reputation features.
[FIXED] Damage out of range bug.
[FIXED] Events assigned to a wrong organization bug.
[ADDED] More organization information.
[ADDED] Fighters Editor random fighter generator modified for allowing custom countries.
[FIXED] Memory leak problems.

I am very happy with this release. I hope you can enjoy it. Please try to install in a new folder (not over previous installations). If you find any problem, please report it in the forums. Any suggestion or feedback is welcomed too. It also has Bero last fighter update.

Note that fighters of previous versions may be not fully compatible. I recommend to update your custom made fighters to the new versions using fighters editor.

UMS 2.0.7: More on Organizations

UMS 2.0.7 is almost ready. I’m very happy with all the changes and fixes that I have made. I have added new features to the Organizations Explorer. You can see more information of the organizations bringing more life to UMS 2.

Organizations Explorer Main View

Organizations Explorer Main View

In the pic above you can see the top panel where you can choose the organization by clicking in its logo. In the Organization Info tab you have a summary of the Organization including fans favourite fighters and the places where the organization has the best and the worst reputation.

Champions and records info

Champions and records info

In this pic you can see at a glance who is the champion of any weightclass and who are the top contenders in the organization. You can also have records information, like the fastest KO or the fighter who did more damage to his opponent.

All these changes make the organizations simulation deeper.