Ultimate MMA Simulator has a weblog!

The old UMS website is down. Why? Because it’s more easy and fast to write in a weblog. And if you’re a newcomer to UMS you may want to know this:

UMS is the Ultimate MMA Simulator, a text-based freeware sim engine for making Mixed Martial Arts fights. We’re currently working in UMS v1.6. UMS is a project that is online since july, 2007 and has growth a lot since then with the help, critics and suggestions of the MMA fans.

UMS 1.6 is going to have this improvements and features:

  • Organizations: You can create new MMA Organizations with their own rules, fighters and champions.
  • A better Play By Play text.
  • New tournaments: The round robin tournament, where each fighter fights against each other fighter in the tournament.
  • Mental game takes part in the fight. Fighters can be afraid of their opponents. The opponent record and ranking havs influence on the fighter’s moral as latest results and fight performance also does.
  • Fighters are now more compliants to their gameplan.
  • Fighters have now a clinch strategy. So you want to use your knees a la Anderson Silva? Or dirty box like Couture? Just do it!
  • Several bugs were fixed.

UMS 1.6 is currently on develop. Feel free to leave a comment in the forums. Any suggestion is very welcomed!