UMS 1.6.2

UMS 1.6.2 is now released (wow, three versions in less than a week). The damage system is fiexd. v 1.6.1 was having a lot of very fast KOs. The bug with some wrong ground comments while both fighters were standing is fixed too.
Links in the download tab.

UMS 1.6.1 released

Yes. In a few hours from its released the UMS 1.6 was knocked down by SinistralEpoch by bug finding. The problem was that a hit localization bug was causing no KOs. Now it’s fixed. Go to the download pages for downloading last version.

UMS 1.6 released

UMS v1.6 is released. I want to thank to all the people who are helping me in this project, specially Bero for his continuous support to Ultimate MMA Simulator project. UMS have a update database with more than 700 fighters ready to go.

Feel free to give us your feedback in the forums.

For downloading it go here.