After almost a year of developing UMS 1.x I’ve reached the conclusion that we need something new. UMS 1.6 is going to be the last UMS 1.x version. I will continue to work on it and fix bugs but there aren’t going to be big changes this sim line. I’m going to rewrite almost all the code in order to clean it and kill old bugs.

UMS 2 will be a hughe change to the previous version. There are some of the feaures I’m working on:

  • Integrate MMA and Kickboxing rules
  • The capability of slowing down the simulation speed.
  • Playing sounds.
  • UMS stats with decimals.
  • A completely remodeled strat system that allows the user to be as precise as he wants.
  • An improved user interface with skins support.
  • Multi languaje support.

I want the new project to be fun, accurate and scalable so we can add new features with ease in the future. I have already write some code for the sim but I’m working now in the Fighter’s Editor. Take a peek at the latest screenshots of the new editor:
UEditor Screenshotgui2.png

I’ve to work more on it to make it smooth and powerful. UMS 2 has a long path before being released but I’m very hyped by it and I’m going ot work for making it great. I you want to help feel free to visit the forums.


Version 1.6.4 is out

  • Fixed a commentary bug introduced in the 1.6.3 version (sometimes stand up submissions comments comes around without result)
  • Increased damage of high kiks, stomps on the ground and soccer kicks.
  • Fixed bug with fighters doesn’t standing up after a reversal when commentary says he stand up.
  • Included Bero last update of fighters, teams and orgs.

UMS 1.6.3

UMS is improving every day for give to you the best MMA simulation experience!

  • + 750 fighters in 6 weightclasses
  • 6 Organizations
  • 23 teams
  • A complete fighter editor
  • A complete organization editor

UMS 1.6.3 is now available for downloading.

  • Fixed: some game plans problems.
  • Fixed: wrong commentaries (ground/stand up).
  • Add: avoid clinch in clinch gameplan.
  • Fixed: problem with loading fighters from other orgs in the fighters explorer.
  • Add: Org Editor automatically delete empty lines in the fighters lists.
  • Add: Strikeforce, DREAM FC, Shooto, WEC orgs.