More of UMS 2

I have worked a bit this week on the sim. I’ve coded almost all the moves methods and some other rules. I’ve still a lot of work to do, but UMS 2 is growing well. I’m going to change the old Fighter explorer because the componet I was using for it was buggy and causing some problems. I’m going to work in a new smooth and powerful Fighter Explorer.

I’ve worked too in the GUI. I want to do a nice and useful interface. The UMS windows will be resizable for first time in its history, so you can forget that part of the window is located outside your screen.

Take a look. It’ll support skins too:

If you have any suggestion or question you can go to the forum.



UMS 2.0 editor finished

I’ve finished a functional UMS 2.0 editor and sent it to Bero who is the responsible of the huge amount of fighters UMS has. I’ll begin to code the sim engine this week but I’ve not a release date yet. The editor is not finished really because I want to add more features to it but I think is good enough for begin to import all the fighter from UMS 1.6 to UMS 2.0.

UMS 1.6.5

UMS 1.6.5 is out. Someone in the forum ask for a couple of features and they are implemented in this version.

– Add: Enabling/Disabling moral feature (requested).
– Add: Enabling/Disabling autosave PBP and fighters records (requested).
– Fixed: Bug that broke the fighter’s records and causes crashes in fighter’s loading process when Records have been reset within the application.
– Add: A more secure fighter loading method in the fighter’s explorer. Wrong fighter’s names in the organization files shouldn’t crash the application now.
– Add: Shooto and Pancrase logos.
– Deleted: Inactive UMS leagues.