UMS 2.0 editor finished

I’ve finished a functional UMS 2.0 editor and sent it to Bero who is the responsible of the huge amount of fighters UMS has. I’ll begin to code the sim engine this week but I’ve not a release date yet. The editor is not finished really because I want to add more features to it but I think is good enough for begin to import all the fighter from UMS 1.6 to UMS 2.0.



  1. I downloaded 1.6 and it does not let me edit any stats having to do with the ground. Why does that happen?

  2. Also, I am really looking forward to v.2

  3. @John K

    Try to click on switch to UMS editor button. You may be editing with the Kickboxing editor enabled.

  4. Thanks, I didn’t notice the button, oops!

  5. when is it coming out man, hurry the hell up!

  6. I’m not having much time for coding lately. Just remember that I do this on my free time so no free time = no coding, and I have more things to do other than write this program. People are neither helping me like I’d like to. I have to code and write the comments (I’m not an english native speaker)…

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