UMS 1.6.6

UMS 1.6.6 is available to download.


– Small tweaks in ground moves.
– Small comments fix
– Fixed a bug relative to takedowns and takedowns defense (Dodge was helping a lot to avoid takedowns).
– Fixed a bug that causes showing a yellow card for stalling on the ground to a standing fighter.
– Fixed a bug that was causing fighters begin to rest at the first stages of a fight.


A little bit more

I’ve begun to work into the fight engine. I’m thinking in releasing a limited beta version once this part is finished in order to get some feedback from users. You can see how it’s going here:

As you can see there are only a few comments and everyone of them is about punching. Once I get more comments the others fight moves will be unlocked (kicks, clinch, takewdowns…). I’ve to work in the sim tweaking too before releasing the beta. I almost forget: The sim speed is configurable so you can have a low pace simulation or a fast simulation and you canĀ  pause the simulation too. This is something people were asking me to add to UMS so here you are!

Still working

My job is taking me a lot of time. I’ve been pomoted to a programers team leader and I spent a lot of time thinking in how to put everything together and how to fix things… But sometimes I find myself thinking in how to add a feature to UMS. UMS is my hobby and I would like to have more time for it. Sometimes real life sucks. Sometimes.

Anyways I’ve worked a little bit more on UMS 2. I’ve a couple of screenshots as proof. The hard part of the coding still remains almost untouched. Somebody ask me the other day if I have a time frame for releasing UMS 2. The answer is no. I don’t know when I’ll have time for sitting in front of my computer and work as a mad man in UMS. I think it could take me a few months to be completed. But, hey, I’m still on it!

The latest UMS screenshots: