Still working

My job is taking me a lot of time. I’ve been pomoted to a programers team leader and I spent a lot of time thinking in how to put everything together and how to fix things… But sometimes I find myself thinking in how to add a feature to UMS. UMS is my hobby and I would like to have more time for it. Sometimes real life sucks. Sometimes.

Anyways I’ve worked a little bit more on UMS 2. I’ve a couple of screenshots as proof. The hard part of the coding still remains almost untouched. Somebody ask me the other day if I have a time frame for releasing UMS 2. The answer is no. I don’t know when I’ll have time for sitting in front of my computer and work as a mad man in UMS. I think it could take me a few months to be completed. But, hey, I’m still on it!

The latest UMS screenshots:


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