UMS Editor 2: Download it!

I’ve released a BETA VERSION of UMS 2 Fighters’ Editor. There are still a lot of things to work in it but you can play with it and feel a few bytes of the new UMS version. You can also help me with your valious ideas and suggestions, or giving any feedback, or just trying to find those damn bugs so I can fix them. And last but not least you can create the fighters for the new version…

Downloads here.


I’m alive

Maybe somebody is guessing how is the project going. UMS 2 is still alive but I work at a slow pace in it but I’m positive that I’ll finish it someday (Sadly you can expect it to be finished soon). I received little help so I have to do it all by myself and I sincerely don’t have the time and the will to work at 100% in it. Anyways, the project is still going. I’ve finished most of the standing moves and I’m working in the ground system. I want to be more reliable and realistic that in the UMS 1 versions. And speaking of UMS 1 I’ve a update ready with a few small fixes. It will include SinistralEpoch comments updates and possibly Rand’s fighters update.

This is all (right now) follks!