I’m alive

Maybe somebody is guessing how is the project going. UMS 2 is still alive but I work at a slow pace in it but I’m positive that I’ll finish it someday (Sadly you can expect it to be finished soon). I received little help so I have to do it all by myself and I sincerely don’t have the time and the will to work at 100% in it. Anyways, the project is still going. I’ve finished most of the standing moves and I’m working in the ground system. I want to be more reliable and realistic that in the UMS 1 versions. And speaking of UMS 1 I’ve a update ready with a few small fixes. It will include SinistralEpoch comments updates and possibly Rand’s fighters update.

This is all (right now) follks!


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  1. That is good news to hear it isn’t dead! I don’t know anything about programming, as i’m sure a lot of us who play don’t. But if there is something us non-programmers can do to help just send me a PM on the forum with the list of things you need done to help.

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