UMS 2 Beta 1 Released

Finally I have a (more or less) stable testing version of UMS 2. There are a ton of work to do but I want to show you where I am now and hear from you. Suggestions, requeriments and bug reports needed!

Check the forums for knowing more.

PS: Shogun is back!


UMS 2 development update

Fighting engine for UMS 2 is almost finished. I have been working in a some enhancements I want to show you:

  • Instant statistics: You can see in real time the statistics for the fighters. You can also pause the fight, make changes to strategies and then resume the fight. All the changes you make takes places inmediatelly.


  • Real time injuries and cuts information: Whenever the fighter gets an injury or a cut you see it. I have made a full body graphic that shows you how bad the body parts of the fighters are.


  • Renewed Fighter Explorer: Forget the buggy Fighter Explorer from UMS 1. The new Fighter Explorer is using a new controller and it is completelly redesigned.


  • 7 Fight speed: From extremely slow to very fast, you can choose how fast you want the fight to take place.

There is a still lot of work to do, but this project is very large and complex. I have been working in the Organization Editor, as you can see from these screenshots: