UMS 2 development update: Fight cards

UMS 2 have a more comprehensive integration between all the agents that compose the MMA world. One important part of this is the organization and the fight cards. In this spirit UMS 2 allows to create cards for the organization (lets say UFC, DREAM, Affliction…), known what the MMA community thinks about those fights and create and entire event:


Of course an events needs a venuw so and you can choose it in the card details window:

Card2Also notice that you can select some extra options, as if the card in on PPV or boradcasted free. Everyone of this option will have a impact in the organization hype.

Let’s see how our card looks before the event:

Card3It seems that the fans think that we have a pretty solid card.

Once the card is played you can see the final results and the effect that the card had on the organization:

Card4Nice card. We had a great PPV buy numbers and the venue was full!


UMS 2 development update: Fighters’ Explorer

After several days without time for working in UMS I have advanced a bit in the creation of the Fighters Explorer. I have worked in the match making system. I want to improve the simulation of cards, adding a hype for each fight and a reaction after the fight is played depending of the excitement of each fight.

img1img2Above you can see a couple of screenshots of the fighter explorer with the Match Maker. The Match Maker is a collapsable grid.

There are a Match Maker wizard taht can help you to create a card with a certain characteristics:


I am also thinking in adding a monetary result of the card played (as tickets sold, PPV solds…).