UMS 2 Development Update: Beta 3 is near!

I have worked on UMS 2 for adding new options, tweaking the sim, killing bugs… and I’m happy to announce the Beta 3 for the next week. Beta 3 will probably be the last beta before the final release of UMS 2.

I have worked in the Tournament mode, one of the most requested mode that was not finished in the Beta 2. Tournaments are here! You can create custom made tournaments or let the Match Maker Wizard do it for you. You can create from open weight tournament to any weight class tournament, up to 64 fighters.

UMS 2 beta 3 MAtch Maker Wizard

UMS 2 beta 3 MAtch Maker Wizard

Once the tournament ends, the resumé screen shows you who won and with a simple click you can make him the new weightclass champion!

Fight card details

Fight card details

I have added a option to change the organization rules for any fight, in single fights and card fights. You can change the length of the fights, the time per round, and much more:

You can override organization default rules for any given match

In the option screen you can configure the randomness of the sim. A higher randomness means more unpredictable results. I’m planning to add some other options that will allow you to tweak the sim as you wish, like the KO frequency, the inuries probabilities, etc. I have also added an option for disabling the skins because it doesn’t work well in Windows Vista. Checking this option, you can disable the skins but all the other options of UMS 2 are there!

Configuration screen

I hope you enjoy this. Remember you can check the beta version of the sim in the forums and you can give feedback there too.

PS:  I want to thank here to the people who are helping spreading the word, making comments and giving suggestions and feedback. Without them, UMS 2 could not be where it is now. Thanks!



  1. So in title bouts, all we have to do is lick on the little medal thing to crown new champs?

    • That is on tournaments. In a title bout the belt will change automatically.

  2. Cool, one last question, did you add the option to look at fighters records like all the people they have fought?

    • Sorry, I don’t understand the question. I have added the option to look at the fighter record in the fighter explorer, but I don’t know what do you mean (my bad english fault)

      • If you go to the title screen and click on the fighter, you can see a list of all the fights he was in.

      • Do you mean to click in a fighter’s record and see the record of that fighter he fought?

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