Forum is down

There are some problem with the forum. It seems that the hosting dissapear. I will try to ask them if they will be online again. I am worried for all the posts we may lose 😦

EDIT: The forums are working again!


UMS 2 Beta 3 released

Beta 3 is up and ready to download and test. I have fixed a lot of things, added your wonderful comments and implemented a few of your suggestions. I’m sure there are a lot of things to do but I’m positive in this being the last beta before the final release. Once UMS 2 first stable version is out I will concentrate in adding some features you asked, like the organization management or the career mode.

Here is the changelog for this version:

[ADDED]: Option for line breaks between blocks of comments.
[ADDED]: More information in the fighters’ records, like KO (Punch).
[ADDED]: Option for disabling skins, as it may cause GUI problems in Windows Vista.
[ADDED]: Supplex moves.
[ADDED]: Slam out of submissions.
[ADDED]: Longest winning streak, current winning streak, title fights and title defenses in Fighters’ Explorer.
[ADDED]: Pulls guard option in strategies.
[ADDED]: Elbows in GnP
[ADDED]: Knees on the ground
[ADDED]: More Comments (Even match, one sided, odds…)
[ADDED]: Modify default organization rules as number of round, etc when creating a bout or a card.
[ADDED]: Tournaments.
[ADDED]: Fighters Editor can edit fighters’ records.
[ADDED]: New comments.
[ADDED]: Option to modify the sim randomness.
[FIXED]: Champions are updated after a title bout.
[FIXED]: Organizations’ hype updated after events.
[FIXED]: Counter moves are fixed to all the counter moves availables.
[FIXED]: Bug related with selecting title bouts in the Fighter Explorer that were marking all the fights as title fights.
[FIXED]: Bug in the single fight creation that was allowing to create a fight with empty fighters.
[MODIFIED]: Tweaked the KO and submissions routines to do the outcome of fights more realistics.
[MODIFIED]: Slightly higher chances of injuries and cuts.

As always, I’m looking for your suggestions, feedback and bug reports.

You can download the sim in the forum.