How to create random fighters

Random fighters creation is a feature of UMS 2. Once you are in the fighter explorer, you can just click on the “Create Random” button at the bottom the window. It will create a random fighter for you, so you just need to save it before using it in the sim.

You can also define some parameters before creating them. If you right click over the “Create Random” button you can select the weightclass and the fighter stats cap in the popup menu.

Editor screenshot

Right click in the editor to see the menu

The ability menu will set the cap for the stats this way: Cans (Max 10 in any stat), Average (Max 14 in any stat), Prospect (Max 16 in any stat) and Elite (Max 20 in any stat). The editor tends to create fighters with good stats within the ability so if you set it to create average Elite fighters you will see some 19 and 20 stats most probably.


First bug busted

I have received the first bug report for UMS 2. It was a problem that causes the title fights created in the fighter explorer to crash the sim. Since it was a serious bug (if you can’t create fight cards the sim is not worth the time), I have not waited for more bug reports and fixed the bug. In the download section you can find the last version but if you have UMS 2.0.4 in your computer (27th Dec release), you can download just the update patch to v 2.0.5.

UMS 2 Released

You can download the final release of UMS 2 in the download section. It was a lot of time of code and I couldn’t have done it without your help and support. This version has fixed most of the bugs and problems that were in the beta versions and added some of the suggestion you made. I have leave things for future releases but I have considered all of them.

Hope you enjoy it. I will work next in fixing the bugs you find and adding new contents to the sim (like kickboxing rules and a career mode).

You can also donate to the project 😉

UMS 2 Changelog (Among other modifications):

UMS 2 Changelog

* [CHANGED] Heavier fighters gets more adventages when fighting with lighter fighters from another weightclass.
* [CHANGED] Tweaked KO frequency
* [CHANGED] Tweaked strong moves frequency
* [CHANGED] Orgs must to have 2 fighters at least to be listed in the sim.
* [FIXED] Counter attack bug when the counter is GnP
* [FIXED] Problem with the matcha maker when the card cannot be fully created due lack of fighters
* [FIXED] Bug when creating fights with organizations without referees.
* [ADDED] Option to show ranking points modifications after the fights.
* [ADDED] The strategies boxes show the sum of the strategies options.
* [ADDED] Retired fihters are in gray cells in the fighter explorer.
* [ADDED] Quick strategies buttons.
* [ADDED] Save fights with BBCode tags
* [ADDED] EDITOR: Random fighters generator.
* [ADDED] Fighter excitement comments.
* [ADDED] Overall fight quality comments.
* [FIXED] Fighters being on the ground while his opponent stands loop.
* [ADDED] Restart in the center of the ring.

UMS 2 Released soon

I have been working again on UMS 2. I’m sorry I have this big delay in the project but I don’t have much free time lately.

I have been fixing some bugs, adding some great suggestions you made and some new things of my own to the sim. I think I’ll release the final version soon (in a week or so). Final doesn’t mean last because I want to continue fixing the bugs you find and adding new options too.

One thing I want to do is make the sim fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. I hope I can face those issues soon.

Happy 2010!