How to make a card

Here is a step by step guide to making a card in UMS 2.

Go to the “Fighters Explorer” tab.

1. Select the organization you want to be promoting the event.

2. Select the weightclasses you want to show and then click Load List button. There are two boxes in this window. The upper one will show then the fighters of the organization.

UMS 2 Fighters Explorer

Select the fighters.

3. Right click over a fighter. A popup menu will appear. There are three options that are useful for making a card.

  • Add to fight: This option will add the fighter to the card. If there is no fights in the card, a new fight will be created and the fighter will be put there. If there is a already a fight with only one fighter, the fighter will be added to that fight.
  • Add to fight and find an opponent: The fighter will be selected and added to the fight with a randomly chosen opponent.
  • Add to fight and find an opponent (SW): The fighter will be selected and added to the fight with a randomly chosen opponent of his same weightclass.
UMS 2 Fighters Explorer popup menu

Right click in the fighter explorer to see the options

4. The fights you create will be shown in the bottom box of the window. Once you have create the fights you can right click in any fight and change the rules for that fight, change the referees or the fight category. You want a main event fight? Just right click and then select “Main Event” on the “Event Category” menu.

UMS 2 Fighters Explorer with fights

You can change the event category in the bottom box

5. The last step is chosing the last options for the card. Click in the “Card Details” button and select a venue. Once you are done click on the “Finish Card” button. The card is underway and the sim will show the Arena tab with the two first fighters entering the cage or ring.

UMS 2 Card Details

Last step: Choose a venue and other options


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  1. this game is incredible

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