New version coming soon

I am working in UMS 2.0.7

This new version has a lot of changes:

New stat (Clinch grappling) as the old Clinch stat has been split in Clinch Striking and Clinch Grappling.

Clinch strategies change: You can select Thai Clinch, Dirty Boxing as new strategies. This way the fighters are more as their real counterpart: If a fighter is knowed for his vicious muay thai clinch his attacks in UMS 2.1 will show that. Also you can select in the clinch takedown the takedown style (judo style or wrestling style).

As suggested I have added a forum friendly record exporter for fighters.

I am working in Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibilities issues too.

I have fixed bugs (like the record saving problems) and will continue to adding features for this version. I think I will be able to release it in the first two weeks of April.


Joining Black Dragon Games

Ultimate MMA Simulator will be joining Black Dragon Games in the following days. I think is a great opportynity for both of us. UMS will meet new users and it will have a better advertising and I hope UMS helps BDG to become bigger too.

UMS 2 main forum will be in BDG forums and the main post of our current forum will be transfered there and we will try to transfer the user accounts of those of you who wants to. A big improvement if we take into account how many times our current forum goes down without further notice. More info in the following days. Besides that everything is going to be the same. I will continue the blog here too.

Regarding schedules I will try to have the next version of UMS 2 ready for the first week of April.