New version coming soon

I am working in UMS 2.0.7

This new version has a lot of changes:

New stat (Clinch grappling) as the old Clinch stat has been split in Clinch Striking and Clinch Grappling.

Clinch strategies change: You can select Thai Clinch, Dirty Boxing as new strategies. This way the fighters are more as their real counterpart: If a fighter is knowed for his vicious muay thai clinch his attacks in UMS 2.1 will show that. Also you can select in the clinch takedown the takedown style (judo style or wrestling style).

As suggested I have added a forum friendly record exporter for fighters.

I am working in Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibilities issues too.

I have fixed bugs (like the record saving problems) and will continue to adding features for this version. I think I will be able to release it in the first two weeks of April.



  1. There’s also another problem that I MAY be doing incorrectly, though I highly doubt it. It’s where I try and put a fighter in another organization by giving them a contract and then pressing ‘Save Organization’ and it still doesn’t work. There’s that and when you do a card for lets say DreamFC and once the card is complete, it’s put under your default organization instead of DreamFC. Though the hype points are given to the right organization, it’s still annoying to see that the UFC has all the cards. I have some other things floating in my head, I just can’t quite come up with it right now. So… yeah!

    • Can you post that in the forum, please?


  2. Sorry for the late comment, but where’s the forum exactly?

  3. You can find a link in the column at right.

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