UMS 2.0.7: Organizations’ World Reputation

I am working in a new feature of next UMS 2 version. In the previous installment of the sim there is only one value for the organizations’ reputation: Org Hype. This is not very realistic because in someplaces big organizations like UFC can be behind local organizations, like DREAM in Japan.

The next version of the sim will contemplate this fact and you will be able to see organizations reputation in different places. The world has been divided in these places in order to bring more realism to the sim:

Organizations reputation around the world

Organizations reputation around the world

  • North America.
  • South America.
  • Europe.
  • Asia.
  • Japan (Yes, Japan is in Asia, but I think making this distinction in reasonable since Japan is a very strong MMA country)
  • Australia.

This way when you make an event in some place your reputation may go higher in that place but you can also lose interest in the fans of other places of the world. The challenge is make your organization world wide admired.

This feature will be expanded in future versions.


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  1. Keep up the great work. I like this idea.

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