UMS 2.0.7 released

UMS 2.0.7 is ready for download. A lot of changes and fixes.


[FIXED] Reported bugs.
[ADDED] Career status attribute for fighters.
[MODIFIED] Clinch attribute split in two (Clinch Strikinh and Clinch Grapplinh)
[MODIFIED] Strategies modifications that allows fighters to fight more like their real counterparts.
[MODIFIED] Injuries frequency lowered.
[FIXED] Records deleting bug when saving a fighter.
[ADDED] Records expoter to HTML, Excel and Plain Text.
[ADDED] Events exporter to Plain Text.
[MODIFIED] Increased compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
[MODIFIED] Strategies modification that make fights more competitives.
[FIXED] Event bug: Some fighters were having unwanted health boost. They are not now.
[FIXED] Event bug: Some fighters were having unwanted excitement boost. They are not now.
[ADDED] Organizations world reputation features.
[FIXED] Damage out of range bug.
[FIXED] Events assigned to a wrong organization bug.
[ADDED] More organization information.
[ADDED] Fighters Editor random fighter generator modified for allowing custom countries.
[FIXED] Memory leak problems.

I am very happy with this release. I hope you can enjoy it. Please try to install in a new folder (not over previous installations). If you find any problem, please report it in the forums. Any suggestion or feedback is welcomed too. It also has Bero last fighter update.

Note that fighters of previous versions may be not fully compatible. I recommend to update your custom made fighters to the new versions using fighters editor.



  1. For some reason all of my fights end in injury and I put injury/cut frequency at zero. Is this just me or is this happening to everyone.

    • I have run a dozen of fights and only one ended in injury. If you still have this problem, please make a report in the forum. Thanks.

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