What do you want for next UMS release?

Just wondering what the people want to see for the next UMS 2 release. Vote in the poll and/or comment this post with your wish list.

You can also drop a message in the forums.




  1. A “story” like mode with a sim is best implemented in running an organization. It lends itself to the idea of creating cards, making decisions, etc. A single character is too abstract with a text sim, but more fun with a video game where you play the actual fight. I think this is why successful text sims always concentrate on the business and roster aspects.

  2. how does one create names for other countries that are not the normal ones that get randomly selected by creating a random fighter?

    • I will post a tutorial soon

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  4. Hola Chavo! xD . Long time without posting a comment, but I have one suggestion. Remember Matt Dickie’s games? Well, in case you don’t, please visit Mdickie.com. I’ve been playing Mdickie’s games for some years, and they have the best training feature I’ve ever seen. Really dinamic, skills trained go up, sometimes they cause untrained skills to go down, and sometimes training is a complete failure. Now that he has released his game’s open sources, maybe looking at the code might give you some neat ideas for the career mode (not only the training part, but all of it). Great work so far, my friend; seeya around 🙂 .

    • Hola, Oneiros! I’m glad to see you here 😀
      I have been thinking in how to implement the career mode so I’m going to look that game and see if I can get some ideas for UMS.

      See you!

  5. Hola de nuevo, Chavo! Just wanted to add a little idea for a career mode. Do you think it’d be too hard to make the fight a bit more controllable? By this, I mean making choices for your fighter instead of just letting the CPU pick them for you. I was remembering the good old times playing a turn-by-turn wrestling game, and reading a really large ammount of claims for a similar game to come up. Maybe it could be made based on a fighter’s awareness, the same one the sim uses for fighters to see an opening and attempt an attack, but instead of giving the decision to the PC, players could get to pick the attack. This could be as generic (Punch, Kick, Shoot, Clinch, etc) or as detailed (knee to the left leg, downward elbow, kick to the ribs, etc) as you decide. But it’d be great for us fighting gamers to be able to get our fighter to victory step by step. Hope this idea’s somehow useful for you :).
    And by the way, you’re doing an AWESOME job. Catcha later! 😀

    • Thanks, Oneiros. I will think about it but it would become hard to do a fight this way since UMS 2 fights can be quite long. But yours is a good idea and I will see how we can do something like this in the career mode.

      • Wooo thanks! I have some ideas about how it might be implemented; can’t promise to send them soon because my time’s really scarce lately, but I will try to write them down and send them to you.

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