How to add new names to the random fighter creator

You asked for this release for a way that allowed add new names and countries to the random fighter creator process. Here is a little tutorial of how to do it:

1. Open the Utils folder in the UMS install folder. Open the Names folder inside it.

2. You will see a few files inside. Open the file named Names_Codes.txt. You can create a backup of this file in case something goes wrong. Open it. You will see something like this:

Names_Codes.txt file format

The format of each line is the following:



English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada

3- For adding new countries to the current ones but with the same language (let’s say we want to add Ireland to the fighters creator) we just have to add it after the last one of the list we want to add:

English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada;Ireland

The sim will create names using the english name files and the fighter country will be United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Ireland.

4- For adding whole new file names you have to create a new line. Let’s say we want to add italian names. We have to add a new line to the file:


We must add two new files to the Names folder:

Italian_Names.txt and Italian_Surnames.txt

Inside of those folder, one in each line, you can add new names and surnames.

5- Be sure you don’t leave blank lines in the Names_Codes.txt file. Close all the files. The Fighter Editor will use your names in the random fighter generator process.



  1. It is useful. thanks.

  2. It looks really cool! I’m going to check it out right now Yay for @FuelTheFighter!

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