UMS 2.0.7 Fix Bug Patch

A couple of bugs has been spotted and fixed in this patch:

  1. Organizations Editor doesn’t save Chairman, President, Headquarters and Budget info.
  2. UMS doesn’t load fight list in the Organization Explorer > Events > Right Click over a event > View Fights.

Download it form here.

UMS 2.0.7 setup has been updated as well so if you have downloaded it after the date of this post your sim is updated.

Also, remember our poll.



  1. im using windows 7 and im using the 2.0.7 and patched.
    When doing a tournament after switching weight classes and starting another tournament it wont save the champion of the tourny, and #of events never says anything. Just letting you know, great otherwise!! keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the report. I will investigate it. For future reports, please check the forum.

  2. i guess that’s it no fix for my problem??? id donate if it worked but it dont work and it keeps kicking me out of the fight cards with unknown errors.

    • The problems you reported are in the fix list and they will be fixed in future versions. Regarding donations… just do it if you feel like it. You don’t have to donate in order of UMS 2 bugs being fixed. I just do it in my free time, so you can’t expect the bugs being fixed immediately.

  3. Sorry for last comment it didnt come out right hard to make words come out right all i was saying was i would and will donate when my copy works, i think what you are doing is great, i love it. My intention was not to insight riot lol My bad! I will keep big mouth shut and let you do your thing. Once again good work.

    • Maybe I sounded a little bit harsh. It was not my intention. I am glad to hear from the users. I just really can’t spend all the time I’d like in the sim.

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