Development status

I was planning to work this summer in the next UMS version and release it around august or september.  Due to other issues (real life issues) I couldn’t write any line code yet. There is nothing serious but a combination of things in my life that prevents me to spend the time this sim needs. Once everything goes back to normal I will work again in UMS 2.

Thanks for your understanding.



  1. thanks men

  2. when something new? I would want current rosters and statistics of warriors. Jake Shields in UFC .

  3. so i imagine this game is dead and buried?

    • Not dead just resting for an undetermined amount of time.

  4. Is there any chance you begin development until 2011?

  5. Remember when the officials from pride said that there were no problams and the were looking into expanding the brand in 2008…….. that never happend and this game is dead because someone lost interest.

  6. This could have been such a brilliant game, I hope the development begins again soon.

  7. It’s sad that this game is dead I have been visiting this site daily for the past 5 months hoping for any news 😦

  8. Its sad that this game is dead I have been visiting this site daily for the past 5 months hoping for any news.

    Please don’t delete my message again(admin) im just giving my opinion.

    • Not deleting at all. I’m not offended by the people asking me to continue with the sim. I’m grateful for the support indeed. I’m very sorry for not being able to continue with this work by now. I would like to fix the bugs and improve the game for all the people who visit this site and use the game.
      I will make a post soon updating the game status. I think all of you deserve an explanation.

      Thanks for the comments 🙂

  9. Sorry I thought that my previous comment was deleted

  10. Please make a GM mode…

  11. thats great news that there will be an game status update soon…. chrismas brings greatness eh,

  12. The best game forever , brazilians fans say thanks

  13. Hey, just wondering if you can create new camps. I thought I saw it somewhere a couple months ago but I couldnt find it. Anyway, I’ve been busy making all of the WEC guys and can’t wait for you to get back to working on the sim. I hope we get an update soon!

  14. Also, do you have any idea when you will give another update?

  15. Hey guys, I run a pretty big MMA Sim league using this simulator. We allow people to make their own fighters. I’ve also made fighter updates (the real fighters) and you can find them on my forum! It’s a fun game, we could use many new members too! Check it out

  16. Love this game !

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