UMS Status

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long delay. UMS was a small project and along these few years it have become a bigger one thanks to you.  I’d never believed in the beginning the small success that this game was going to have between MMA fans and I’m very proud and very happy for it. So again, thanks for all the comments, all the downloads, all the suggestions, the bugs reports…

In these years the time I could destine to UMS was slowly decreasing. There are many causes: My job, the family, the fact that I was feeling somewhat compelled to do a new version every so often, the fact the people who was working in this game besides just downloading it (rosters updates, organizations, comments…) was decreasing and the fact that everybody seems like downloading this sim but no was one able to donate a few bucks for the hard work. Finally I became a little bit stressed out.

The big question now: How is the project right now and when will be another update? The project right now is halted. What does this mean? That I am not working in it at all. You may say this is dead, but it is not, because I will keep reading posts regarding UMS, admin this blog and so, but I am not fixing bugs or adding new features. This current situation is for an undetermined ammount of time. I am not going to lie to you: It’s likely that I never code a new line again for this sim, so I’m sorry if you were expecting a new version soon. The most probably scenario is that if I do something like an MMA sim again is me beginning with a shiny new project (a career mode game or a organization management game).

Thanks for everything.