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Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the long delay. UMS was a small project and along these few years it have become a bigger one thanks to you.  I’d never believed in the beginning the small success that this game was going to have between MMA fans and I’m very proud and very happy for it. So again, thanks for all the comments, all the downloads, all the suggestions, the bugs reports…

In these years the time I could destine to UMS was slowly decreasing. There are many causes: My job, the family, the fact that I was feeling somewhat compelled to do a new version every so often, the fact the people who was working in this game besides just downloading it (rosters updates, organizations, comments…) was decreasing and the fact that everybody seems like downloading this sim but no was one able to donate a few bucks for the hard work. Finally I became a little bit stressed out.

The big question now: How is the project right now and when will be another update? The project right now is halted. What does this mean? That I am not working in it at all. You may say this is dead, but it is not, because I will keep reading posts regarding UMS, admin this blog and so, but I am not fixing bugs or adding new features. This current situation is for an undetermined ammount of time. I am not going to lie to you: It’s likely that I never code a new line again for this sim, so I’m sorry if you were expecting a new version soon. The most probably scenario is that if I do something like an MMA sim again is me beginning with a shiny new project (a career mode game or a organization management game).

Thanks for everything.



  1. Hiya, man! Yeah, you’re right; not many of us have donated (I haven’t done so myself, so ashamed u.u’), and what you’re saying is perfectly reasonable. I’d be willing to offer my help if I had more time to spare, but I’ve been so immersed in my own lob that I haven’t even had time to try new UMS releases.
    I, however, have something that you might be interested in: notes regarding a facebook-to-be-game using similar mechanics to yours, with a few tweaks here and there. I was thinking you might find some use for them, making what you already have profitable for you, instead of leaving your software and my notes lying dead in a PC. If you’re interested, by all means tell me and I’ll gladly hand you the notes. It’s the least I can do for so many hours of joy using your sim, and who knows, you might find some use for them :).
    Wishing you all the best, as always. And thanks for all your hard work, man. You rule.


  2. Man, this makes me sad. I totally understand, and would be glad to help if needed. Just keep a positive attitude and I hope you can find time to improve this because it is an amazing game.
    Good luck!

  3. That’s really too bad. I just found about this game last month and it is by far the best MMA text sim that I have found. I was really looking forward to your next version of this great program, but it seems like that it is unlikely to happen. Hopefully, you will have a change of heart. If not, then thank you for your time and hard work.

  4. Well this sucks! I’ve used your sim for about a solid year now, so this news is saddening. Though your reason is perfectly understandable. Not the news I want to hear, though, everyone has to put their lives/family ahead of hobbies/interests. Hopefully, soon, you’ll have a change of heart and decide to go ahead with the project. If not, thank you for this sim.

  5. Yup it’s dead like i thought it would….. thanks anyway

  6. Thanks for everything Antonio you are the best!@

    • Thanks, Rando.

  7. This game is the best in the wolrd … continues ….. Brazilians says thanks

    • like you to do a translation of this game for the Portuguese, for they are many Brazilian fans of this great simulator!

  8. I am very sad to not have another version, is a fantastic game and yes it could have more improvements to thus become even more brilliant .. congratulations on your work and good luck

  9. Hey I just recently got into this game and was disappointed to see you could no longer continue to develop it. I’m a college student looking for some projects to work on (admittedly my programming skills are beyond basic) and i’d love a shot to work on this while you’re busy. If you have a chance send me an email, and we can discuss terms, i’d love to support you as you have given me hours of entertainment with this game.

  10. Hey, If you use the statistical information provided at it can be essential for your Ultimate MMA Simulator software. I am a huge fan of the UMS 2 software, and would love to see it incorporate some of the statistical information provided at Fight Metric, such as striking percentages, strikes defended, takedowns, takedowns defended, as well as how many strikes are applied per minute and how many takedowns are applied per minute. Their database is huge as well, with statistical information dating back quite a ways.

    I didn’t provide my real e-mail address for SPAM purposes; but please Post a thread to this request on your main page if you do agree to apply this as a major essential function of the UMS 3.0

  11. how much would I have to donate for you to keep it alive?! please!!!!!!!!!

  12. Man, if only we had t a bunch of people who would continue the development of this, anyone down for that?

  13. Hello, over at Sports Sim Network, we are player sim league, using this MMA Simulator! Create your fighter and do point tasks to make him better, and fight among other fellow competitors!

  14. Simuride made my learning rich about riding cars,bus,tracks,tractor.any driving course association does not serves me those Simuri did.before using Simuride i haven’t seen anything like this.

  15. don’t forget Brendan Schaub in new MMA Simulator

  16. It is a shame that this project has died. It is by far the best simulator I have come across. I use it as a basis for a MMA simulation web site – the easy access to the underlying files is perfect.

    I am just glad that even if development has stopped – the application is in a stable state and is functional enough to do what I want.

    I want to thank the developer – he has done an outstanding job on this.

    Not sure if anyone can help me on this point…but what is the formula for determining a fighters ‘Excitement’?

  17. great game 🙂
    how do you get stunts lol (new guy right here) lol

  18. Any chance of you giving up the source code ? I’m learning how to code and perhaps can fix errors and such. I’m willing to learn I can’t promise anything but would like to try.


    All titles and champions updated.
    All nationalities of fighters updated and corrected.
    Womens division archived.
    Flyweight division archived because it appeared wrong as Super Heavyweight, fighters were not loading.
    Records of UFC reset.
    Over 1000 pictures, with alternatives added, for almost all fighters

    • are updates still being made? Also, is there a new website in which the sim is active?

      • Also, is it possible to convert this download to a .exe like the original UMA? I am using ‘wine’ on Mac and it worked for the original 2.0.7 version but for some reason this update it not working

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