Lightweight update

Jack Corbett sent us a complete lightweight update. Here are his advices:


I took out the k-1 fighters because it seems the KO to sub ratio is a little off (k-1 guys with 17 striking beat grapplers with 20 ground game easily). I advise replacing the whole lightweight roster file with this one, as my ratings could be a little off and might not go well with the default ratings. The stats are my personal opinion and might be 100% correct, but tell me what you think anyway.

Thanks, Jack!

Download here:



  1. Thank you, Jack! Great updade!

  2. Thank you very much.

    Hope about more roster updates sooner than later.

  3. Hey, will we have any Bellator update or no?That would be awesome! Amazing game.

  4. hey man how do i start carrer mode, or is it not up yet? game is awesome have been playing constintly for 2 mouths 🙂

  5. PLEASE, PLEASE make UKS update which includes Daniel Ghita and pics to added fighter! Also stat updates!!!

  6. I added forums for this game on my website as was requested by a member. If you guys would like to use them, you might as well link to them on here since the links to BDG are dead.

  7. I’ve added forums for UMS on my website as was requested by a member. You might as well post a link to them on here if you want to use them since they pretty much aren’t being used and this website still has dead links to the BDG forums.

    • Sorry for the double post. The first one didn’t show up right away for some reason and I thought there was an error.

  8. good guy you could update the fighters in other categories, and create a flyweight,and could create the division of women in Strikeforce and Bellator, his game is very good congratulations, sorry errors use using a translator, I am Brazilian.

  9. Are there any Filipinos fighters in that roster?

  10. Sou brasileiro e sinto muita falta desse site.
    Coloco-me a disposição do UMS para ajudar…

  11. Please new link for ultimate kickboxing simulator 1.1 pls

  12. Hey, I’m Felipe and I still play UMS.
    I’ve updating the fighters list all by myself, and I must say, the game should continue to develop.
    If anybody wants to move on with the project, I’m here to help.

    • It is a shame this project ended so abruptly, if only someone could continue it’s development.

    • I need some help with it

  13. Just a little further and this would have so far beat other simulators that spend way too much time on fancy graphics. Wish it would continue to develop.

  14. Is there any way I could contact the owner regarding the game and the source code, I am willing to start this project, regular updates ect but I need to contact the owner urgently before I start anything major, so if anyone could help me get in contact with him thanks.

    Once this is done I would update the game regularly with real-time fighter updates according to their real-life performances.

    So if anyone out there could help me please reply to this, thanks!

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