You can help to keep this project alive by donating a small (or big) amount of money. All the money you donate to this project will be intregally used in future developments. I need to buy new software to fix compatibilities issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  2. Hey, If you use the statistical information provided at it can be essential for your Ultimate MMA Simulator software. I am a huge fan of the UMS 2 software, and would love to see it incorporate some of the statistical information provided at Fight Metric, such as striking percentages, strikes defended, takedowns, takedowns defended, as well as how many strikes are applied per minute and how many takedowns are applied per minute. Their database is huge as well, with statistical information dating back quite a ways.

    I didn’t provide my real e-mail address for SPAM purposes; but please Post a thread to this request on your main page if you do agree to apply this as a major essential function of the UMS 3.0

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