How to add new names to the random fighter creator

You asked for this release for a way that allowed add new names and countries to the random fighter creator process. Here is a little tutorial of how to do it:

1. Open the Utils folder in the UMS install folder. Open the Names folder inside it.

2. You will see a few files inside. Open the file named Names_Codes.txt. You can create a backup of this file in case something goes wrong. Open it. You will see something like this:

Names_Codes.txt file format

The format of each line is the following:



English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada

3- For adding new countries to the current ones but with the same language (let’s say we want to add Ireland to the fighters creator) we just have to add it after the last one of the list we want to add:

English;United Kigdon;USA;Canada;Ireland

The sim will create names using the english name files and the fighter country will be United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Ireland.

4- For adding whole new file names you have to create a new line. Let’s say we want to add italian names. We have to add a new line to the file:


We must add two new files to the Names folder:

Italian_Names.txt and Italian_Surnames.txt

Inside of those folder, one in each line, you can add new names and surnames.

5- Be sure you don’t leave blank lines in the Names_Codes.txt file. Close all the files. The Fighter Editor will use your names in the random fighter generator process.


Saving fights for forums

UMS 2 has a feature that allow you to save a fight in formatted text. This way you can post the fights in forums taking all the power forums allow you to decore text. As you can see this was done with the mma e-feds in mind but I’m sure you can find other useful uses to this tool.

The button is this one.

Save with format button

This button allows to save fortmatted text

Once we have a fight we can click that button and we will see a window that we can customize to add any tags we want.

Formatting text window

Customize your tags

Once we click save button we can look for the file in the Custom folder. In you open it you will see the PBP text surrounded with tags. Let’s post it in a forum and this is what we get:

Formated text

The PBP in colors

This feature will be expanded in future versions.

How to make a card

Here is a step by step guide to making a card in UMS 2.

Go to the “Fighters Explorer” tab.

1. Select the organization you want to be promoting the event.

2. Select the weightclasses you want to show and then click Load List button. There are two boxes in this window. The upper one will show then the fighters of the organization.

UMS 2 Fighters Explorer

Select the fighters.

3. Right click over a fighter. A popup menu will appear. There are three options that are useful for making a card.

  • Add to fight: This option will add the fighter to the card. If there is no fights in the card, a new fight will be created and the fighter will be put there. If there is a already a fight with only one fighter, the fighter will be added to that fight.
  • Add to fight and find an opponent: The fighter will be selected and added to the fight with a randomly chosen opponent.
  • Add to fight and find an opponent (SW): The fighter will be selected and added to the fight with a randomly chosen opponent of his same weightclass.
UMS 2 Fighters Explorer popup menu

Right click in the fighter explorer to see the options

4. The fights you create will be shown in the bottom box of the window. Once you have create the fights you can right click in any fight and change the rules for that fight, change the referees or the fight category. You want a main event fight? Just right click and then select “Main Event” on the “Event Category” menu.

UMS 2 Fighters Explorer with fights

You can change the event category in the bottom box

5. The last step is chosing the last options for the card. Click in the “Card Details” button and select a venue. Once you are done click on the “Finish Card” button. The card is underway and the sim will show the Arena tab with the two first fighters entering the cage or ring.

UMS 2 Card Details

Last step: Choose a venue and other options

What is “Training status”?

A feature added in the last version of UMS is the training status. Training status may be enabled in the Configuration tab, checking the “Enable fighterstraining status” checkbox.

Training status is calculated when the fighter enters the cage. It modifies all the other status attributes (such as Defense Bonus, Accuracy bonus…). When the training status is low the fighter’s performance will drop. The training status is calculated mostly with the Heart attribute. It represents that fighters with higher focus and fight spirit will train harder and will come to the fight with better options.

Fighter training status in the "Status" tab inside the "Arena" tab

Fighter training status

How to create random fighters

Random fighters creation is a feature of UMS 2. Once you are in the fighter explorer, you can just click on the “Create Random” button at the bottom the window. It will create a random fighter for you, so you just need to save it before using it in the sim.

You can also define some parameters before creating them. If you right click over the “Create Random” button you can select the weightclass and the fighter stats cap in the popup menu.

Editor screenshot

Right click in the editor to see the menu

The ability menu will set the cap for the stats this way: Cans (Max 10 in any stat), Average (Max 14 in any stat), Prospect (Max 16 in any stat) and Elite (Max 20 in any stat). The editor tends to create fighters with good stats within the ability so if you set it to create average Elite fighters you will see some 19 and 20 stats most probably.