UMS 1.6.9

A new version is released:

  • Tweaked ground and pound damage: Slightly augmented.
  • Tweaked submission: Slightly more easy to submit.
  • Fixed: BUg causing players on his feet to receive a yellow card for stalling on the ground.
  • Fixed: A few bugs related to Fighters Explorer: 1, 2, 3
  • Fixed: Commentary bug: 1

UMS 1.6.6

UMS 1.6.6 is available to download.


– Small tweaks in ground moves.
– Small comments fix
– Fixed a bug relative to takedowns and takedowns defense (Dodge was helping a lot to avoid takedowns).
– Fixed a bug that causes showing a yellow card for stalling on the ground to a standing fighter.
– Fixed a bug that was causing fighters begin to rest at the first stages of a fight.

UMS 1.6.5

UMS 1.6.5 is out. Someone in the forum ask for a couple of features and they are implemented in this version.

– Add: Enabling/Disabling moral feature (requested).
– Add: Enabling/Disabling autosave PBP and fighters records (requested).
– Fixed: Bug that broke the fighter’s records and causes crashes in fighter’s loading process when Records have been reset within the application.
– Add: A more secure fighter loading method in the fighter’s explorer. Wrong fighter’s names in the organization files shouldn’t crash the application now.
– Add: Shooto and Pancrase logos.
– Deleted: Inactive UMS leagues.