UMS Fighters update!

Bero sent us a Fighters Update. Replace the folders in the installation directory with the ones in the update file.

Thanks, Bero!

Download here.


UMS 2 Development Update: Beta 3 is near!

I have worked on UMS 2 for adding new options, tweaking the sim, killing bugs… and I’m happy to announce the Beta 3 for the next week. Beta 3 will probably be the last beta before the final release of UMS 2.

I have worked in the Tournament mode, one of the most requested mode that was not finished in the Beta 2. Tournaments are here! You can create custom made tournaments or let the Match Maker Wizard do it for you. You can create from open weight tournament to any weight class tournament, up to 64 fighters.

UMS 2 beta 3 MAtch Maker Wizard

UMS 2 beta 3 MAtch Maker Wizard

Once the tournament ends, the resumé screen shows you who won and with a simple click you can make him the new weightclass champion!

Fight card details

Fight card details

I have added a option to change the organization rules for any fight, in single fights and card fights. You can change the length of the fights, the time per round, and much more:

You can override organization default rules for any given match

In the option screen you can configure the randomness of the sim. A higher randomness means more unpredictable results. I’m planning to add some other options that will allow you to tweak the sim as you wish, like the KO frequency, the inuries probabilities, etc. I have also added an option for disabling the skins because it doesn’t work well in Windows Vista. Checking this option, you can disable the skins but all the other options of UMS 2 are there!

Configuration screen

I hope you enjoy this. Remember you can check the beta version of the sim in the forums and you can give feedback there too.

PS:  I want to thank here to the people who are helping spreading the word, making comments and giving suggestions and feedback. Without them, UMS 2 could not be where it is now. Thanks!

Comments Maker Beta is out! We need your help!

Yes, I have finished a Beta version of the Comment Maker. I decided to give it some priority as the comments is one of the most impotant part of the sims that need a big development before the final release and we need good comments to test the Play By Play. You can download the comments editor in the forum.

Also I have created a topic where you can post the comments you make. Those comments will be in the next UMS releases. It would be great to have a hundred moves in each file so every fight will be unique and the PBP most interesting to read. If you want to help UMS 2 development check this.

UMS 2 development update: Fight cards

UMS 2 have a more comprehensive integration between all the agents that compose the MMA world. One important part of this is the organization and the fight cards. In this spirit UMS 2 allows to create cards for the organization (lets say UFC, DREAM, Affliction…), known what the MMA community thinks about those fights and create and entire event:


Of course an events needs a venuw so and you can choose it in the card details window:

Card2Also notice that you can select some extra options, as if the card in on PPV or boradcasted free. Everyone of this option will have a impact in the organization hype.

Let’s see how our card looks before the event:

Card3It seems that the fans think that we have a pretty solid card.

Once the card is played you can see the final results and the effect that the card had on the organization:

Card4Nice card. We had a great PPV buy numbers and the venue was full!

UMS 2 development update

Fighting engine for UMS 2 is almost finished. I have been working in a some enhancements I want to show you:

  • Instant statistics: You can see in real time the statistics for the fighters. You can also pause the fight, make changes to strategies and then resume the fight. All the changes you make takes places inmediatelly.


  • Real time injuries and cuts information: Whenever the fighter gets an injury or a cut you see it. I have made a full body graphic that shows you how bad the body parts of the fighters are.


  • Renewed Fighter Explorer: Forget the buggy Fighter Explorer from UMS 1. The new Fighter Explorer is using a new controller and it is completelly redesigned.


  • 7 Fight speed: From extremely slow to very fast, you can choose how fast you want the fight to take place.

There is a still lot of work to do, but this project is very large and complex. I have been working in the Organization Editor, as you can see from these screenshots:


Working on UMS 2

I have been working a bit in UMS 2 and I have seen that I still have a lot of work to do.  I am testing the comments and writting the move methods. Almost all the basic move methods are written now and I am now polishing them. I have a bit of a Play By Play text to show you. It is in a very early stage so you may expect it to not be very clean.

Fight Preview

Fight Preview

Play By Play:

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira moves backwards and tries to mantain the distance with his opponent.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira tries a hook to the body
but Arlovski manages to dodge it
Arlovski is launching some bone breaking punches to Minotauro’s ribs while in the clinch.
Minotauro blocks.
Andrei Arlovski’s corner is turning out to be his worst enemy! Minotauro is throwing a flurry of punches!
Arlovski ducks under and circles out of the corner.
Tremendous strikes from Arlovski!
Some big punches are landing!
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira tries a hook to the body
and hits Arlovski ribs hard
Minotauro fakes a punch and shoots a takedown!
Arlovski sprawls and remains on his feet.
Minotauro is standing while Arlovski is in the ground on his back
Minotauro fakes a punch and shoots a takedown!
Arlovski sprawls and remains on his feet.
Arlovski is launching some bone breaking punches to Minotauro’s ribs while in the clinch.
Wow. You can see the pain in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s eyes.
Arlovski punishes his opponent thighs with a few knees while in the clinch
Minotauro hold his opponent and block his moves.

UMS 2 will be organized in tabs as you can see in the top of the previous screenshot.

Configuartion Tab
Configuartion Tab

Here is the configuration tab. As you can see there are a few interesting options. The requested option of slowing down the sim speed will be available too, among others.
I want to allow the sim users to be able to configure the simming options (as KO frequency, Submissions frequency, damage that is done by fighters, stamina loss…). Currently there is over 70 variables that I want to be fully customizable to allow you to have the sim you want. All of these in a fine and intuitive user interface.

See you!

UMS Editor 2: Download it!

I’ve released a BETA VERSION of UMS 2 Fighters’ Editor. There are still a lot of things to work in it but you can play with it and feel a few bytes of the new UMS version. You can also help me with your valious ideas and suggestions, or giving any feedback, or just trying to find those damn bugs so I can fix them. And last but not least you can create the fighters for the new version…

Downloads here.