UMS 2 screenshot


Latest UMS version: 2.0.7

Donwload from here.

Please check the forums for latest patches and updates.


  1. this game rox

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  4. lovers and haters

  5. I downloaded the ums 1.6.9 and it does not have a comment folder. I was told that it did but when I open the ums folder all there is, is n edit folder for editing fighters, an org edit for editing organization. the main file to begin the game, the uninstall file, and a help filoe that brings me to this site. Can anybody help me out a little bit?

  6. You have probably open the start menu folder for UMS. Try to find the folder where you installed the program (e.g: C:\Program Files\Ultimate MMA Simulator).

  7. I love this game but i love Beef ribs more!

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  9. i downloaded it but then with microsoft word they ask what i want to open it with

    • The game is in an executable file. You have to execute it (ie double click).

  10. Same guy from the old forum. I’m very glad to see that the game keeps growing 🙂 . Are you going to implement a career mode? If you plan to, drop me an e-mail, I’ve been playing a pen and paper (well, notepad) version with some friends and we might be able to adapt it to the sim.

    Un abrazo hermano! 😀

  11. Hey, Oneiros! Glad to see you here again.
    I’m filling all my UMS coding time in UMS 2. When I release it maybe I could think in a career mode sim.

    ¡Un abrazo!

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  13. I’m interested in helping, and have some ideas that I’m currently working on that may help us both. Email me

  14. […] Im not sure. I can tell you the sim we are using and maybe you can piece it together. We are using Ultimate MMA Simulator 1.6.11 __________________ West Robham Rabid Wolves Caedere lemma quod eat lemma Sign up CW Football […]

  15. Will there be updates, etc, for this?

    • No more software updates for UMS 1.6 or UKS 1.1. I’m focusing on UMS 2.

  16. How do i download it?

    • Click in the UMS link (where it says “here”)

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  18. the download link is still the 3rd beta version and not the official ums 2.0 release

    • No, it’s the correct link. It may happen that the install application “remember” where do you installed the last UMS and try to install it in the same folder. Just try to install it in a new folder.

  19. Porra!!!

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  21. The Forum is Down ??

    • Yes, it seems that the hosting site is having problems again

  22. i dont like how Boxers are superior in this game.

    If you have a good boxer vs a high class BJJ, the boxer will, on most occasions, completely crush the BJJ guy

  23. Is it compatible with mac laptops?

    • No. I’m afraid that it will work only in Windows.

  24. Aight thanks

  25. i have windows 7 and it wont work. when i try to open it it says error and i cant play

    • Please, go to the forum and make an error report.

  26. Thank you for making this game, it’s great… no, actually, it’s FANTASTIC! I love it! I love the sport and this is just so much fun. Please bring the update SOONER!!! Joking, take as long as you can to make it better.

  27. awesome game!

  28. I don�t understand why Dana white can say 60%. Why not 59% or 61%? Does he calculate the fact that Brock has a sword tattoo. I got one just like it the Monday after ufc 100. I am thinking about getting a replica of his back piece..

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  30. K-1 update please??

  31. Hello mates, how is all, and what you desire to say about this post, in my view its in fact amazing designed for me.

  32. I download 2.0.7 version it sais before i download it that it size is 12mb but when i download it size is 64kb and it does not work

  33. I really wish this game could be finished. It would be a step and above any game out there. Imagine the awesome on-line leagues that could be played with this engine.

  34. seriously it crashes alot, and why the hell cant anyone beat fedor or anderson lol. anderson is like 23-0 and fedor is 30-0 lmao there unbeatable but great game dont give up on it as i just know one day it will be huge.

  35. Hello, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one
    is sharing facts, that’s in fact fine, keep up writing.

  36. Has ANYBODY found a solution to the bug that randomly prohibits you from saving your fighter after editing their stats? When you try to save the fighter, it will say “Fighter has an invalid record,” then gives a list of valid “Result Types.” However, the result types are just fine, so what on earth is causing this issue?! This one minor bug is completely ruining the game experience for me. I’m trying to run a progressive league where I can add a stat point or two to the winning fighters, but when it bugs, I’m forced to DELETE their entire record in order to save the stats. That isn’t working either, because the record wipe completely ruins their ranking and defeats the entire purpose of my league formula.

    How can I fix this? There MUST be a way. I just want to be able to save my fighters properly after making minor stat adjustments, without having to delete their entire records. This has to be a small issue that is somewhat easy to fix. Can anybody help, please? I would be extremely appreciative.

    Thanks all,

    • See if all the fights have something written in the Result Type box. Also, you can see what’s wrong in the error message: Valid records are
      If it doesn’t help you, you can copy the Record .txt in another place, edit the fighter and then paste it again, it works

  37. (Adding on to previous post above).. Out of curiosity, is there any place to download older versions of this game? Why have all of the other versions been removed from the download page? I can’t find a link to 1.6 or 2.0.0 anywhere. I was going to try an older version and see if I encountered the same crappy bug there as well. I really hope somebody can help me solve this problem. I would be forever greatful. 🙂

  38. […] Nome: Ultimate MMA SimulatorTipo: Jogos / Simulação / LutaAno: 2008/2010Autor: UMS TeamTamanho: 13MbOS: WINInfo sobre como obter: [aqui]* […]

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